Extended Lead Shot Turkey Chokes

Lead Shot Only - Finished in Non-Reflective Black Oxide

CT I choke tubes are interchangeable with the Tru-Choke Brand and were used in older Hastings wadlock barrels.  We have .640, .655 and .660 available. 

If you don't know which choke tube fits your Hastings barrel, measure the length of a flush mount choke tube that fits your barrel.  If you don't have a flush mount choke tube, measure the part of the choke that would be inserted into your barrel.   If it measures about 1.6”, you have the CT I system.  If your choke tube measures about 2.1”, you have the CT II system.   This is the current system and it has no interchanges. We have all the chokes available in the CT II system. Flush mount chokes are $25 each and extended turkey chokes are $40 each.  http://www.hastingsdistribution.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=2

Safety Warning:
Unload the firearm before changing the choke tube.  Never fire the gun without having the choke tube properly installed in the barrel. Make sure choke tube is tight.  All chokes should be firmly tightened with an appropriate wrench.  Read your gun’s manufacturers instruction book for safe operation.