Hastings Metro Barrel Extension - 12ga Only

The Metro system was developed for shotgun shooting in areas or when noise is not desirable. As a secondary effect, the Metro system will reduce felt recoil by as much as 80%.  When used with special subsonic ammunition, developed by Federal Cartridge, and eliminates the need for hearing protection. When fired, the Metro extension won't even set off hearing sound reduction equipment. The decibel readings are about 72db when using subsonic ammunition.  When fired with regular ammunition, the decibel readings are about 151db.  We recommend using Federal, Winchester, or Backridge subsonic ammunition.

Remove the shotgun's choke tube and install the Metro extension. Then, add the choke to the muzzle of the Metro extension, and you're all set to shoot.  The Metro system is a barrel extension that is specially ported to reduce muzzle noise by half. The 32" extension installs easily in seconds by threading on in place of a choke tube. No modification to the gun is necessary, and the Metro will even accept your gun's original choke tubes. 

  • 12ga only
  • Matte Finish
  • 32" overall length
  • Screwed into choke tube threads
  • Threaded to accept original choke tubes
  • Very low noise levels when used with sub-sonic ammo (about 72db)
  • Drilled to help reduce recoil and noise
  • Heavy loading will not harm extension

For additional information and photos, click on the photo. 

INSPECTION PERIOD:  Three days from receiving the item.  If there is damage, you must notify us immediately.

Once fired, metro barrels are not returnable.

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