Cervellati Recoil Pads

We cannot offer recommendations for which recoil pad to use for a specific gun. Click on the photo to get more information regarding the hole distance, length, width, and weight. For additional help, please consult your gunsmith.

Microcell Fitting Tips: To grind the toe end of the recoil pads, it is necessary to use a high-speed machine. The factory recommends employing a 400-grit sanding belt for finishing. The product does not melt. However, failing to use a fine sanding belt might damage the pad's external appearance. The best results can be achieved using a new lubricated belt, and the stock should be gently drawn close to the belt.

The factory suggests using spray silicone—no water-based products to polish the sides, as the pads tend to absorb water and get damaged. Dust can be removed by just rubbing the pad with a tissue. You can even use a bit of lubricant on the tissue.

Screws are not included with the recoil pads. It is essential that you use a countersunk head. There are two small metal rings, with a diameter of 6mm, around the screw holes so that when you tighten the screw, it's more resistant than just the plastic of the plate.

 For additional information and photos, click on the photo for each item. 

INSPECTION PERIOD:  Three days from receiving the item. If there is damage, you must notify us immediately.


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