Wadlock Barrels

Please call us before returning the barrel.  These replacement barrels are for the classic Auto 5 and will not fit A5's introduced in 2012.  You must match the chamber size of the barrel with your receiver.  Browning A5 wadlock barrels come with a CT II modified choke tube and a wrench. 

For additional information and photos, click on the photo of each barrel. 

These replacement barrels will fit 98% of the Browning Auto 5 guns.  Due to some minor variations in the Browning Auto 5 guns, occasionally a barrel will need minor fitting.  Most fitting issues occur with guns made before 1960.  If you receive a barrel that needs fitting, you have the following choice:

1.  Return the barrel.  Please call us before returning the barrel.  Shipping costs cannot be refunded.

2.  Have a professional gunsmith fit the barrel for your gun.  The cost of fitting is the customer's responsibility.


INSPECTION PERIOD: Three days from receiving the item.  If there is damage, you must notify us immediately.

Once a barrel is fired or fitted, it is not returnable.

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