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CT II (Verney-Carron) choke tubes are not interchangeable with any other choke tubes; these choke tubes are approximately 2.1" long.  These chokes are used in all currently produced Hastings wadlock barrels.  Choke tubes are listed below in the order of the most open to the tightest:

Cylinder (.725" Diameter)
Skeet (.720" Diameter)
Improved Cylinder (.715" Diameter)
Light Modified (.710" Diameter)
Modified (.705" Diameter)
Improved Modified (.700" Diameter)
Full (.690" Diameter)
Extra Full (.682" Diameter)

Your wadlock barrel requires patterning to determine which choke tube constriction provides the best pattern.  Often, the manufacturer of the ammunition can recommend the best choke constriction.  When using steel shot, you must use a modified or more open choke tube. 

 Safety Warning:
Unload the firearm before changing the choke tube. Never fire the gun without properly installing the choke tube in the barrel. Make sure the choke tube is tight. All chokes should be firmly tightened with an appropriate wrench. Read your gun's manufacturer's instruction book for safe operation.

INSPECTION PERIOD: Three days from receiving the item. If there is damage, you must notify us immediately.  Fired choke tubes are not returnable.

Purchase three or more and receive a 10% discount.

For more information and additional photos, click on the photo of each choke tube.



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