Hastings (Verney-Carron) Shotgun Barrels

Located in France, Verney-Carron is a family-owned company.  It has been in its present form since 1820, with its roots going back to 1650.  Verney-Carron has always been the manufacturer of all barrels sold under the brand name "Hastings" with the trademark "Paradox."  The Hastings Paradox is the premier off-the-shelf rifled shotgun replacement barrel available for popular makes of shotguns. Each barrel is made to strict standards of interchangeability and performance.  They are hammer forged and proof tested.  And, it's the most accurate shotgun barrel ever tested. 

Helpful information:

Twist rate:  1-in-34" (12ga) and 1-in-26" (20ga).  Slug barrels have six lands and grooves; this unique rifled barrel increases slug stability and amazing accuracy.  

The barrels are CIP proofed to 1320 Bars.  The standard working pressure for most sabots is 900 Bars or less.

When sighting in your barrel, use sandbags. Hold under the forearm when firing. Your left hand should be around the pump, your right hand around the wrist.  Do not use a lead sled. They can break scopes and scope mounts. If too tight, it can damage the barrel. Lead sleds are only suitable for rifles.  The magazine cap needs to be tight.

Barrels with a cantilever scope mount use "weaver type rings." Burris is a good brand of rings. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/1548661544/burris-1-signature-zee-weaver-style-rings  Many variables play a part in determining which scope is best for your needs. What gauge will you be using? Consider the type of terrain or distances you will need while hunting.  For assistance with your specific scope and scope mounting needs, please contact one of the scope manufacturers to determine which scopes and mounts will fit your situation.  Listed are some websites for your convenience: www.burrisoptics.comwww.bushnell.com, www.leupold.com, and www.nikonusa.com.

If you are having trouble with level shots, try offset inserts: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/712472/burris-1-signature-ring-pos-align-offset-inserts-installation-kit-005-010-and-020

Cleaning:  We suggest using JB Bore Bright or JB Compound and then dry patch.  Available at Brownells - https://www.brownells.com/.  Clean your barrel after each use.  If you used a choke tube, remove it from the barrel before storage.  

Our fully rifled slug barrels are designed to shoot sabots. We do not recommend shooting rifled slugs or buckshot in the fully rifled barrels. Those types of ammo will leave a lead residue in the rifling and will deform the lead projectiles.  They will alter the pattern and performance. WARNING – Do Not Use Remington Sabot Ammunition, Hastings Distribution, LLC/Verney-Carron/KEBCO, LLC will not be responsible for any damage incurred using Remington Sabot Ammunition. Currently, we recommend Federal, Winchester, and Hornady. Sight in on a calm day, a 10 mile per hour gust of wind can move the sabot 4” to the right or left.

Wadlock barrels, unlike the traditional smoothbore barrel, are designed with six straight lands and .005" deep grooves that run the length of the bore. This design prevents wad and shot charges from spinning, significantly reducing flyer shots and stray pellets. As a result, you should see a 7-10% improvement in pattern density.

Your wadlock barrel requires patterning to determine which choke tube constriction provides the best pattern.  Often, the manufacturer of the ammunition can recommend the best choke constriction.  You must use a modified or more open choke tube when using steel shot.  With lead shot only chokes tubes, you can use copper, nickel-plated lead, or plain lead as well as hevi-shot.  Hevi-shot should only be used in a .665" or more open choke tube.  Any tighter, and it will not pattern well.  Do not use any tungsten or other steel-type products.  

 Barrels have a manufacturer's warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

If you are interested in a barrel that is sold out, please call or email to be added to the waitlist.  If you email, please include your phone number. The earliest we would have these barrels again would be the fall of 2022.

Remington 11-87 Slug Barrel - 12ga, 3" chambered, 24" length, light contour, cantilever scope mount.  The barrel is designed for guns with a wood fore-end.

INSPECTION PERIOD: Three days from receiving the item.  If there is damage, you must notify us immediately.

Fired barrels are not returnable except under warranty.

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