Slug Barrels

For the best performance, we recommend Rottweil Laser Plus sabot rifled slugs. They are the same formulation as the old Hastings Laser Accurate sabot slug.  Other suggested brands are Lightfield, Federal, Winchester and Hornady.

 WARNING! Remington Ammunition

Remington ammunition is not recommended for use in Hastings slug barrels. It has been reported that damage to the barrel can occur when customers used Remington sabot ammunition. To date, all reported damage has only occurred with 12ga ammunition.

Hastings Distribution, LLC, Verney-Carron or KEBCO, LLC will not be responsible for any damage incurred while using Remington sabot ammunition. Although the damage reported to date is to the barrel, this is no assurance that even more serious damage or injury could not occur. You will void any warranty and are assuming all risks if you use Remington sabot ammunition in Hastings barrels.

For more information and additional photos, click on the photo of each barrel.

We are currently sold out of the Heavy barrel.  We will be getting them back in stock sometime in September or early October.  If you are interested in this barrel and would like to be added to the wait list, email us at or call us at 717-524-5301 with your contact information. 

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